Johannes Huessy

Data Scientist


I've deployed a few of my models as web applications in AWS, which are available below.

Project Portfolio

Media SentimentClassifying Media Coverage The purpose of this application is to provide users with a near real-time look at media coverage of US politicians on a publically available platform. Newly published articles are collected on an hourly basis and displayed via interactive charts. The charts display the volume of relevant articles over time as well the net valence of the articles. Users can filter the charts by publication and subject (from a dynamically updated pool of almost 600 US national politicians). (Code)
Zillow PricesEstimating Housing Prices As part of a group project I designed a web application that will take in a zip code and return a summary of financial estimates of potential residential property losses due to disaster in the given area. The application uses open source address lists to generate a sample of homes in the zip code and queries the Zillow API to get estimated prices for each and address and then imputes values for the remaining residential buildings in the area. The report uses Bokeh to generate a map with the zip code boundaries and address locations from Google maps API and also displays summary statistics and a histogram of property values, both actual and imputed.(Code)
GeometryHobby Coding I'm constantly inspired by the possibility for code and mathematics to generate pleasing visual patterns. I use Python to create decorative images and objects, some examples of which can be found here and here